February 27, 2022 - A Day Full Of Scuffles

I went to Peaceful Waters Sanctuary in Wellington, FL looking for some snowy egrets. I found them in a back corner, all crammed in an area about 10yds x 10 yds, they were mixed in with some ibis’s and a wood stork, a very territorial wood stork at that. I try to find the most dominate snowy egrets and watch them as they challenge anyone who comes to close, their mating season plumage is really amazing and it is cool to watch them put it on full display. 

After a little while, a roseate spoonbill showed up and quickly disrupted the group. They feed by putting their bill in the water and swerving around, waiting for something to swim between their opened bill, needless to say this one was all over the place. First, he got chased off by a little blue heron, soon after, that territorial wood stock. THEN, out of nowhere a second roseate spoonbill attacked the first one from the air, a well executed sneak attack, even caught me off guard (as you can tell by my crappy photos, they were 10 feet from me and I had a 400mm lens, I was not prepared for it). Eventually all quieted down just as the sun was setting, not a bad way to end the day. 

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