March 13, 2022 - Northern Harrier

I know where this adult female northern harrier hunts, I know when it usually hunts and I still had not been able to get a decent photo of it, until today. Northern harriers skim just across the tops of the vegetation where they are hunting, usually no higher then 10 feet off the ground in search of rodents. But this one is very wary of human presence, so when I see it on one side of the marsh and make my way over to it, it flys to the other side… the other side being at least 1/4 of a mile away, this cycle goes on and on until I finally tire and it probably laughs. But today there were other people walking on the other side so I knew eventually it would have to work its way over to my side. Sure enough, after a while of watching it hunt off in the distance it made its way over. Now to find out if there is a male in the area, maybe even a nest and also to try and get one of it catching something.

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