March 8, 2022 - Interesting But Graphic

Stop here if you get queasy easily or love little lizards, especially brown anoles. 

I watched a loggerhead shrike fly into a tree nearby and noticed it had something in its mouth  (a lizard, a brown anole to be exact) so I went to check it out. It start looking around the tree and hopping from branch to branch until it found what it was looking for. It turned out to be a small stub of a branch so it could impale the lizard and rip its head off and eat it. It was fascinating to watch, the way it knew exactly what it was looking for and kept at it until it got its head off, which by the way, was the only part of the lizard it ate. But the rest of it did not go to waste, a blue jay that followed the loggerhead shrike into the tree and waited patiently until it was over, quickly flew off with the body of the lizard. 

These animals have their own little world and it is pretty amazing to witness when given the chance.

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